so what am i?

i’m an actor, an artist, a designer, an illustrator, a master traveller, a creative director, an event producer, a production designer, an interior designer, a cycling enthusiast, a sister, a lover. some nights i’m up late hand lettering for an upcoming event, while others, I’m hopping on the next flight to europe. to say my life is routine would be a grave understatement, and i like it that way. 

my background in the arts began at a very young age. always creating, always performing — the arts were a safe space for me, a vehicle where i could make my voice heard. i studied acting + theatre arts at boston university and immediately moved to the city of angels to pursue a career as a creative. 

millennials have found new ways to live, to work, and to love — myself included. sometimes i feel like a swiss army knife + no two days are the same. my portfolio is all over the map + i like it that way. sometimes explaining what i do for a living can get a little bit awkward. so instead, i like to tell people what i don’t do. i wear many hats + that’s ok with me. 

so here it is — the creative destination for your wild heart. get lost.